ABeeC will not stand in 2006 local elections

ABeeC, the political party formed by Brentford Independent Association of Supporters (BIAS), believes it has achieved the key aims and objectives highlighted during its 2002 Campaign and, as a result, will not be fielding candidates at the forthcoming Local Authority elections in Hounslow Borough.

Over the last four years ABeeC councillor Luke Kirton has successfully campaigned on a number of issues directly relating to Brentford FC’s profile in the local community, and the delivery of improved sports, leisure and recreational facilities.

Hounslow Council and Brentford FC are now working in partnership for delivery of a new community stadium. Although there is progress to be made before the Club has secured a new site, it is not felt that the relationship between the Council and the Football Club is proving an obstacle to these aspirations.
Brentford FC’s preference for a new stadium is at Lionel Road, and whilst this is not Council-owned land, Hounslow Council have, in their position as the Local Planning Authority, let it be known that they look favourably on the Football Club’s plans for the site.
The Club’s ambitions are reflected in the Council’s own policy documents, as evidenced in the Brentford Area Action Plan which states that the council would welcome consideration of a sports stadium, plus enhancement of community and leisure facilities in the Lionel Road area.
A key area of concern to ABeeC was the provision for more general sports and leisure in Hounslow Borough. ABeeC welcomes the establishment of a new sports forum and strategy and the recent pledge to deliver a series of sports hubs spread across the Borough.
Hounslow Council have recently loaned the Club £0.5m, a crucial step in enabling Bees Utd the Supporters Trust to acquire the majority stake in Brentford FC and this further cements the relationship between the Supporters’ Trust and the Local Authority.
ABeeC have invigorated local democracy with hustings for the Greater London Assembly and will hope to continue do so for these forthcoming local elections and beyond.
Councillor Luke Kirton has been an active participant in a number of wider community initiatives. He has sat on the Football In The Community management committee, which has recently succeeded in acquiring Charitable Trust status. The Scheme’s groundbreaking work was recently nationally recognised with the award as the Football League’s Community ‘Club of the Year’
Councillor Kirton has also sat on the steering group that helped establish the Griffin Park Learning Zone which has won numerous accolades for its inspirational work with local schoolchildren.

ABeeC and BIAS will remain vigilant and continue to monitor relations between the Football Club and the Local Authority. Whilst ABeeC are satisfied that the current administration are fully supportive of Brentford FC it is aware that the political climate can easily change. ABeeC will be seeking to ensure support from all political parties on Hounslow Council.

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