About Us

Welcome to the Brentford Independent Association of Supporters known as BIAS

We are a fully democratic, inclusive and independent supporter’s group that aims to give a voice to all Brentford Football fans. We are run by fans, for the fans of Brentford Football Club.

The objectives of BIAS are laid down in the Association’s Constitution and Manifesto.

Our aim is to improve the experience and pleasure of the match day event for all Brentford fans, home or away.

We are accountable to our membership and want to ensure every Brentford fan has the opportunity to communicate with the club and for the club to listen to any concerns they may have. BIAS has regular meetings with the Chief Executive and other high-level officials of the club and we have very open and clear lines of communication to put forward ideas or concerns on our membership’s behalf to the people that run the club.

We are run by an elected Executive Committee thereby avoiding the possibility of any one individual taking or claiming an autonomous decision making role. Those on the committee have been elected by BIAS members as their representatives and should the membership wish, they can be voted out at the yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM). By the same token, any member can stand for election to the Executive Committee.

BIAS is also an affiliate member of the Football Supporters Association (FSA).

This provides BIAS with a platform to escalate issues impacting supporters of our club and garner wider support from supporters from across the country.

BIAS is currently heavily involved with the FSA supporting a number of campaign’s, namely The Safe Standing Campaign, Twenty’s Plenty for Away Tickets, FansFare and Watching Football Is Not A Crime!. We continue to input into these campaigns for the benefit of all Brentford supporters.

We have been in existence since 1998 and whilst we have not been able to act on each and every viewpoint (which would be an impossible task) by reaching a consensus on major issues we have been able work with the Club for the benefit of fans of Brentford Football Club. This includes playing a key role in the successful planning application for the new stadium at Lionel Road.

We firmly believe that we are stronger together, the more members we represent the less likely the Club will be able to ignore our ideas and concerns. Just imagine if every member encouraged a colleague, friend or family member who supports Brentford Football Club to join BIAS, how much more we could achieve on your behalf.

If you are an existing member of BIAS, your continuing support is appreciated and we’d ask you to spread the word.

Remember, Brentford Football Club is YOUR Club

BIAS is now totally free to join so the question is, if you are not a member, why not?

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