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BIAS would not be able to function without the many people who take part in its organisation.

Here are brief portraits of those involved so you know what we all look like or you can send us an email.

If you would like to take on a role marked vacant or start up a new regional or international group, please contact BIAS at

BIAS Executive Committee

Regional Coordinators

(Inter)National Coordinators

There is no doubt that the previous migration of people from West London has meant that Brentford fans located across throughout the UK. Recognising this, the BIAS is keen to create as many Regional and International branches as possible to expand the reach of the Association, to bring exiles together and to unite Bees fans.

Two of BIAS’s objectives as laid down in the Association’s constitution are to:

a) maintain and increase support for Brentford Football Club and

b) to bring together all persons interested in Brentford Football Club.

The notion of regional and international branches is to assist with these aims, but how the individual branches evolve is entirely down to those who become involved and participate.

Regional branches can arrange car sharing schemes, minibuses or even coach travel to home or away matches and if desired work together and collaborate with each other to get ideas and adventures off of the ground. Maybe social evenings, sports teams, bowling nights or when games are televised, evenings in a pub watching the game with other Bees could be arranged.

Each region should have a co-ordinator and should utilise Facebook to create a Regional / International Group page which should be open to all Brentford fans who either liver or work in the area.

It is envisaged that all of the regional groups that are created will successful in bringing Brentford fans together.

BIAS would like to hear from others who would like to become Regional Coordinators too. Your involvement and your thoughts would be truly appreciated. If you would like to get involved please contact BIAS at