BIAS 2021 Manifesto

We are the Brentford Independent Association of Supporters (BIAS).

We are a fully democratic, inclusive and independent supporters’ group that aims to give a voice to all Brentford Football Club fans. 

We want to ensure that every Brentford fan has the opportunity to communicate with the club and for the club to listen to any concerns they may have. 

BIAS holds regular meetings with the Chief Executive of Brentford Football Club and other high-level staff and we have very open and clear lines of communication to put forward ideas or concerns on the supporter’s behalf, to the people that run the club. 

With honesty and integrity, we will represent and campaign on issues and concerns raised by our membership for the benefit of all supporters.   

To achieve this, we will: 

  1. be the conscience of Brentford Football Club and be accountable to our membership 
  2. maintain a working relationship with Brentford Football Club whilst remaining independent 
  3. be a listening organisation with every member’s opinion being considered valid 
  4. make our membership open and accessible to every Brentford fan regardless of age, race, gender or disability 
  5. raise any questions or concerns from our membership with Brentford Football club and provide a response to all enquiries received via within 7 working days 
  1. work closely with Brentford Football Club to ensure a successful transition from Griffin Park to the new stadium at Lionel Road to include:
  • the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the Club and our supporters including the safe return of fans to the new stadium in a fair and transparent way
  • providing feedback to the Club on issues impacting the match day experience at the new stadium e.g. transport, technology, catering, ticketing, locations and atmosphere and provide feedback to the membership 
  • options for safe standing at the new stadium when full attendances are allowed at football matches
  1. work with Brentford Football Club to champion diversity amongst football fans and work to ensure all fans feel safe and welcome at the new stadium 
  2. work with relevant football bodies, other supporters’ groups and government departments when required to maintain/improve the Brentford match day experience for all supporters to include:
  • gaining Government agreement to allow fans to attend marches at all levels
  • protecting the “very existence” of football clubs across the country through supporting the ‘Sustain the Game’ campaign 
  1. work closely with Bees United and the Brentford Community Trust when required for the benefit of our members and Brentford Football Club
  2. enhance and strengthen the reputation of BIAS to ensure fans have the confidence to approach BIAS with any issues they face and increase membership in line with our aim to represent the needs of all Brentford fans as far as possible 
  3. hold regular Executive Committee Meetings and an AGM that are open to all members 
  4. uphold the BIAS constitution, have minutes and /or summaries of committee meetings on the BIAS website and hold fully audited accounts and maintain accurate financial records 

BIAS firmly believes that we are stronger together, the more members we have the louder voice we have to make a difference   

We are run by fans for fans 

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