BIAS question Club roles and responsibilities

The BIAS Committee has today written the following letter to the Football Club to question to current state of play with regard to the roles and responsibilities of the Board and Management of the Club.

Dear Brian,

One of the issues raised at your meetings with the BIAS Committee during January, prior to the BU takeover going through, was the desire of the fans to have a clear picture of the role of BU in the day to day management of the club and also it’s role in the setting and driving of the club’s strategic agenda.

Following the recent departures of Andy Finch and Huw Wrigley, the formation of the new board, and the speculation as to your own role in the organisational structure, we would be grateful for answers to the following questions:

– What is the planned structure of the operational side of the Club?
– Will AF and HW be directly replaced, and if not, where will their former responsibilities be placed?
– What will the role of the Board be in the day to day running of the Club, ie will any of the current board take on executive responsibilities?
– Who will be the single point of accountability for the setting, management of, and reporting of the budget?
– What will happen with the match day operational management?
– Who will be responsible for leading the ground related projects, ie the Football Trust funded improvements to GP and the search for a new stadium?
– Within these projects, who in either the Board, or the Executive, in the Club will have the authority to commit the Club to expenditure, and what will be the financial authority limits for each of the management roles in the organisation?
– In your statements before the takeover, you made it very clear that you yourself did not wish to take a formal, long term role on the Board of BFC, and furthermore felt it was inappropriate for anyone on the BU Board to sit on the BFC board. Do you still hold this view, and if not, what has changed and was this sanctioned by the BU Board?

Yours sincerely

Emma Parry
Chair of BIAS

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