Multi-coloured seats in the New Stadium

The issue of multi-coloured seats in the new stadiuhm was discussed at our committee meeting last night and we would like to provide an update on this.  We have challenged the club on several occasions as part of the Fan Consultation groups that met last year, as well the recent focus groups. 

We were informed at the time that this is to do with the look of the stand on TV to ensure that the stadium appears full.   At the recent Heritage and Legacy Focus Group we were informed that the decision is set and cannot now be altered.

We understand that this decision contradicts the club’s desire for the club to have a full atmospheric stadium which reflects Brentford FC’s character, history and legacy.  We are working with Beesotted and The Griffin Park Grapevine to seek further clarification from the club and will update you when we hear more. 

Beesotted are conducting a poll via Twitter to gather feedback here :