Bringing Bees fans around the country and the world together

Our Regional and International branches have continued to grow this season bringing exiled Bees fans together and it is anticipated that they will all continue to grow.

BIAS now has 24 Regional co-ordinators and 5 International co-ordinators have now been appointed

There was no doubt that the previous migration of people from West London has meant that Brentford fans located across throughout the UK and abroad. Recognising this, BIAS was keen to create as many Regional and International branches as possible to bring exiles together and to unite Bees fans and to expand the reach of the Association.

Car sharing has been arranged in East Anglia, Yorkshire and from the West Country as have pre- match get togethers when the Bees have been playing locally.

The Regional branches can arrange minibuses or even coach travel to home or away matches and if desired work together and collaborate with each other to get ideas and adventures off of the ground.

Last season a number of Regional Branches collaborated to run coaches to Sheffield United picking fans up on route and proving that there was a demand.

aybe social evenings, sports teams, bowling nights or when games are televised, evenings in a pub watching the game with other Bees could be arranged.

Each region has a co-ordinator or co-ordinators and utilises Facebook to create a Regional / International Group page which are all open to all Brentford fans who either liver or work in the area.

You can find the link to your regional Facebook group of Bees fans or the e-mail address of your regional co-ordinator by visiting Regional and International branches page.

If you leave away from Griffin Park, please get involved and don’t be shy. Our Facebook pages are for all Bees fans and we would love you to share your opinions on matches, players, signings etc.


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