Irish Bees Postpone their inaugural trip to GP

Due to the chosen match clashing with the England vs Ireland rugby match game which has made the flights from Ireland really expensive, our Irish Brentford Supporters Club it has been decided to change their inaugural trip to GP to the Coventry game on 22nd March.

Our Irish Branch who earlier this month had a get together to watch the orient game in a Dublin Pub were formed last year when Fran Carroll who is a 42 year old father of two children, living in Dublin, approached BIAS and become our International Branch co-ordinator .

Fran thought he might have been the only Brentford supporter in Ireland until he met another Bee in his local and this meeting Fran decided it is was time to bring all of the Bees fans livening in Ireland together.

The group keeps growing and if you are a Brentford Fan living in Ireland please join our Facebook group or email Fran.

We also have Regional branches to bring Brentford fans together that cover the whole of England and a few more International branches too. For the full listing please see here.

If you live abroad and there is not an International Branch for your country – please get in touch!

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