2022/23 Season Tickets

We note the club has announced its season ticket pricing for the 2022/2023 season.

As an organisation, we fought hard for prices not to be increased by the intended 25 per cent on promotion to the Premier League. We are pleased the club listened to us and other Brentford fan groups on this issue.

However, we feel the club statement that claims prices are frozen for next season is incorrect for around three quarters of our 10,000 season ticket holders.

The removal of the early bird pricing means an inflation-busting increase. This hurts loyal fans in the pocket in the midst of rising living costs and Covid-19 pandemic.

As a committee, we were disappointed not to have been given the opportunity to discuss season ticket pricing with the club’s executive until it was presented to us as a finalised plan. We also note that the deadline to renew is very short, and although we understand that ultimately this is driven by the club’s ticketing provider, starting this process earlier could’ve avoided this.

The essence of true supporter engagement is involving interested groups on key topics early on in the process. We are always willing to work with the club constructively and our track record over the past 20 plus years is proof of that.

Last month, we pressed the club to allow for new season ticket holders to apply for next season and we renew that appeal today. New season ticket holders ensure matchday attendance is not a closed shop and helps keep away fans out of home areas, of which there has been on too many occasions in our debut Premier League season.

Remember, our voice is always stronger, when we are together

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