Report from first Food & Drink feedback forum

BIAS attended a feedback forum with the Club and their catering partner Levy on 30 November following continued criticism of the food and drink offerings at the new stadium. In advance of the meeting, BIAS had produced a short fan survey which resulted in over 200 responses, the details of which were made available to Levy in advance.

In a wide ranging discussion, the Club and Levy heard from BIAS and other fans about their views on the current food and drink on offer, particularly its presentation, edibleness, availability, advertising i.e. what can be found where, cost and ranges of product for vegetarians and vegans.

Full details and minutes can be found here and below (if viewing on a desktop browser).

As with the Ticketing Working Group, we are encouraged that the Club will hold further meetings with fans on this subject in the coming months, but there is clearly some way to go to achieve a “satisfactory” tag.

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