Feedback from first Ticketing User Group meeting

On Thursday 26th August members of the BIAS Committee along with representatives from The Griffin Park Grapevine and Bees United met with CEO Jon Varney, Director of Technology Mike Morris plus the team leads from the club’s Ticketing, Venue Sales and Digital teams.  A delegate from Secutix, the club’s ticket platform provider, was also in attendance.    

This was in part a follow up to a piece of work that BIAS carried out during lockdown where we reviewed the user experience of the ticketing process and provided feedback to the club.  Coupled with a thread on the GPG which collated other ticketing problems, this gave the club a list of 36 issues for us to discuss.  With the access and seating issues arising from the Forest Green match on the previous Tuesday the meeting could not have been more timely.

The issues discussed ranged from labelling issues such as using the term “sold out” when a match isn’t, to the ability to be able to easily choose seats and assign tickets to Friends and Family.  Other issues stemmed from business processes, a lot of which were legacy ones carried over from Griffin Park which are no longer applicable given the New Stadium, amount of season ticket holders and members that the club now have.

The meeting was very productive, the club were very engaging and open about the issues.  A lot of improvements have been made since the West Ham and Valencia friendlies, and tweaks are continuing to be made.  We expect the process for Oldham Athletic tickets in the League Cup 3rd round will be much smoother.

It was noted that major functional improvements that require changes to be implemented by Secutix, due to the nature of it being a shared platform with several other UK clubs can, and if feasible, take quite some time to implement.   BIAS encouraged the club to speak to other clubs that use the Secutix platform, namely Southampton, Everton in the Premier League plus several other EFL clubs.

Jon Varney thanked us all for attending and urged for us to meet regularly to ensure that we keep making progress.  If you do have any feedback on the ticketing site that you would like us to take to the next meeting then please contact us via

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