Safe Standing for Choice


BIAS, like the Football Supporters Federation (FSF), believes that football supporters should have the choice to stand in a Safe Standing area, if they so wish.

Stadiums would retain seated accommodation for those who wished to sit. It is clear by the numbers who use the BIAS Stand (The Ealing Road terrace) that many Brentford supporters have a strong desire to stand.

Currently we are allowed to stand at Griffin Park as terracing is permitted at football grounds below the Championship, subject to the stringent standards laid down in the Government’s Green Guide. BIAS and the FSF is not proposing to abolish or weaken these standards.

However success on the pitch will mean that Brentford fans will not be allowed to stand at Lionel Road, although if we ground share with a either rugby union or a rugby league side, or if the venue is used for Hockey or a rock concert, standing would be permitted.

BIAS, like the FSF, are not suggesting that the government should force clubs in the top divisions to provide Safe Standing areas – only that clubs like Brentford should be able to do so if they desire – and that the issues around cost and feasibility should be a matter for individual clubs, not for government.

The legislation around standing derives from the Football Spectators Act, under which the Secretary of State has the power to insist that certain grounds are all-seated. Initially, all Football League stadia were to be included; this was amended to include just the top two divisions. A similar amendment to allow standing in the Premiership and Championship would likewise not need a new Act of Parliament.

If you agree, sign the FSF’s petition here.