Hey Jude BIAS FC

Hey Jude
Hey Jude, September 2013
Hey Jude BIAS are the official Brentford Supporting Football Team, playing friendlies under the umbrella of the Internet Football Association.

In 2001, Hey Jude were the IFA team of the year, but it’s been all downhill since then.

The team were founded from the Hey Jude Fanzine, which was started in 1998.

The Brentford fans battled well against adversity under the Chairmanship of Paul Stedman before a golden period under Team Managers Chris Wickham and Nick Galley saw them triumph in the annual IFA tournament plate in the early noughties.

Richard Smith, Phil Marchant and Nick Galley have been running things for the past five years.

Hey Jude have played 114 games since 2006, when records began to be kept – the highlight being their recent Charity Trophy victory on penalties over the GPG FC veterans at Griffin Park in May 2013.

Hey Jude BIAS play their games on Saturday mornings, before Brentford FC games.

Hey Jude BIAS are always seeking regular players, so if interested contact Richard ‘Smiffy’ Smith .


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