Paul Brownscombe

Paul Brownscombe
Paul Brownscombe, Kent and East Sussex

Regional Coordinator – Kent and East Sussex

Residence Hythe

Occupation Retail Supervisor

Where can you be found on matchdays? Depends on mood and who I am with. I love all areas of Griffin Park, each side has a unique characteristic from the others.

What do you see as BIAS’s role? BIAS is a useful organisation for supporters, and it is not directly connected with the club. Over the years, BIAS has taken up different functions, including challenging the governance of the football club and the more informal role of giving supporters the opportunity to socialise.

What’s the best thing about being a Brentford fan? Fantastic support. Turnouts for big matches show the potential we have in the right setting.

What’s the worst thing about being a Brentford fan? The stacking up of all the near-misses throughout the years. We will have our day.

Where do you see Brentford in ten years time? Hopefully able to compete in a modern self-financing stadium. It is difficult to move up the leagues though and if we were established in the Championship, that would be brilliant.

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