James Walsh

Jim Walsh
Jim Walsh, Away Travel Specials

Away Travel Coordinator

Residence Ickenham

Occupation Accountant

Where can you be found on matchdays? Bill Axbey Stand

What do you see as BIAS’s role? I would hope everyone associated with Brentford Football Club wants the best for the Club. I believe BIAS effectively provides a “seat at the table” for the fans with the club – getting across the views and representing the interests of the fans.

What’s the best thing about being a Brentford fan? The sense of belonging really is special. There is a real bond among the fans and generally that bond is shared with the players. When we do have our moments of success the joy shared by all involved with the club – fans, players, staff – is unmatched.

What’s the worst thing about being a Brentford fan? As a club I don’t think we’ve sold ourselves anywhere near as well as we can. There is a lot of goodwill for Brentford FC and we must tap into it.

Where do you see Brentford FC in ten years’ time? That’s a good question. On the pitch, I genuinely believe we’ll be an established Championship club. Where that pitch will be is another matter. I love Griffin Park and the memories it holds but we need to be at a new stadium to maximise the potential of the club. Within ten years Lionel Road (or similar) will have become a reality – surely!! Hopefully it will manage to retain the character that makes Griffin Park special – part of that is us, the fans!

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