Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams, FSF Representative

FSF Representative




Coordinator for the All Party Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group

Where can you be found on matchdays?

Standing behind the goal in the BIAS stand and then at the Griffin.

What do you see as BIAS’s role?

To provide a strong link between those running the football club and the supporters who make it what it is. To be a strong voice for supporters and to play an active role in helping the club achieve greater success on and off the pitch.

What’s the best thing about being a Brentford fan?

The strong sense of pride, passion and belonging I feel for the club and sharing this commitment with my Dad, my girlfriend and the entire Brentford family – a great many of whom I am very happy to call my friends.

What’s the worst thing about being a Brentford fan?

Our tendency of falling spectacularly at the final hurdle – our law-of-averages-defying playoff record. The moaners who don’t support the team.

Where do you see Brentford FC in ten years time?

Hopefully in the Championship, at Lionel Road, playing in front of a large and growing band of passionate Brentford supporters.

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