Jan Smith

Jan Smith
Jan Smith, Committee member

Committee Member

Residence Isleworth

Where can you be found on matchdays? BIAS stand

What do you see as BIAS’s role? I see BIAS as the voice of Bees fans, supporting the club while remaining independent.

What’s the best thing about being a Brentford fan? We are as happy with an away win at Wycombe or Bournemouth as Ch*lsea fans are when they win the Premier League. What’s the worst thing about being a Brentford fan? The long trips home after losing at a distant lower league hellhole.

Where do you see Brentford FC in ten years time? That BFC will have passed Queens Park R*ngers, F*lham and Ch*lsea going in the oposite direction. Not that long ago I would have replied that I hope we would still exist, but now I’m genuinely hoping for some good days ahead.

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