BIAS – key moments

  • 1998 – BIAS formed, initially in opposition to David Webb’s running of the Club
  • 2001 – Orchestrators of No to Woking campaign and of successful submission to the Football League to reject Ron Noades’ relocation plans
  • 2001 – Bees United, Brentford Supporters’ Trust, created and launched by BIAS
  • 2001 – ABeeC political party formed by BIAS to stand candidates in local elections, in order to challenge Hounslow Council’s intransigence towards BFC’s ambition for a new stadium in the borough
  • 2001 – instigated first Walk to Wycombe fundraising initiative
  • 2002 – Luke Kirton elected as ABeeC councillor in Brentford, which precipitated a change in attitude at the Civic Centre towards BFC’s stadium ambitions
  • 2003 – fought off proposals from Noades to relocate BFC to Kingstonian
  • 2013 – driving force behind supporters’ campaign in support of planning application for new stadium at Lionel Road