Premier League statement on fan engagement

BIAS welcomes the Premier League statement, of 9 June 2022, on steps that are to be taken to improve Fan Engagement.

We are particularly encouraged by the proposals for all Premier League Clubs to establish Fan Advisory Boards. Whilst the detail of how the Boards are to be constituted is still under discussion we believe that a Fan Advisory Board can only help to improve the dialogue between Clubs and its supporters.

At Brentford we are in the fortunate position of having a supporter representative, from Bees United, the Supporters Trust, sitting on the main Club Board. BIAS have also been holding regular meetings with Club Officials, including CEO Jon Varney – the most recent meeting taking place at the Club Offices in March of this year. It is our hope that the Fan Advisory Board will put such dialogue on a more formal footing and will build on the good work of the past.

BIAS have been in discussions with our colleagues at Bees United, the Brentford Supporters’ Trust, to ensure that supporters have the most effective representation on the Fan Advisory Boards. Our hope is that the constitution and representation on the Fan Advisory Board will be in place by the early part of the new season.

The suggestion of Shadow Boards at all Clubs was one of the key recommendations from the recent “Fan-Led Review of Football Governance” led by Tracey Crouch MP – and whilst it was disappointing that the Government did not decide to accept this proposal it is at least encouraging that the Premier League have decided to take action of their own.

It was also encouraging to read that the current £30 cap on ticket prices, for travelling supporters, will be maintained for the next three years, at least. Whilst we continue to have severe reservations about how the Premier League inconveniences travelling supporters with late changes of dates and times of games – our away fixtures at Liverpool and Everton in the season just gone, were just such examples – it is at least encouraging that the Premier League are going some way to acknowledge the key role travelling supporters have to play in the match-going experience.

We also welcome the commitment to the introduction of a new Fan Engagement Standard and look forward to seeing more details of this.

As always, the strength of BIAS’ influence is based on the number and activity of our members. If you are not a member, help add to that voice, and join TODAY at it is now FREE and only takes a couple of minutes.


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