BIAS response to Everton kick off time change

BIAS are disgusted to learn of the change in kick-off time for Brentford’s away game at Everton on Sunday, 15 May, so soon to matchday.

There is no effort whatsoever by the Premier League to consider fans when they agree to make changes this close before a match. This alteration hits Brentford supporters hard in the pocket. Some of them will lose several hundred pounds to re-arrange matchday travel costs.

It leaves an even more bitter taste to learn that it’s due to a fellow Premier League side wanting more rest to accommodate another game, which has no guarantee of actually being played. Additionally, thousands of Manchester City supporters travelling to London are also similarly inconvenienced.

This follows on from several changes to Brentford’s fixture list this season. Last Boxing Day, a changed 8pm kick-off at Brighton and Hove Albion meant extra inconvenience to our supporters already faced with a complete absence of public transport. Our visit to Liverpool in January was also moved 24 hours just 3 weeks before the fixture was due to take place.

We applaud the decision by Brentford to refund admission prices as a way of compensation for this unnecessary fixture alteration and call on them to lobby other Premier League clubs to ensure fans are treated fairly.

BIAS have already raised these concerns with the FSA and our fellow supporters groups and there will be a further discussion at tomorrow’s FSA Premier League Network meeting.

As always, the strength of BIAS’ influence is based on the number and activity of our members. If you are not a member, help add to that voice, and join TODAY at it is now FREE and only takes a couple of minutes.


3 thoughts on “BIAS response to Everton kick off time change

  1. It’s about time all football supporters got together and let Premier League and Sky know we are the true supporters of football ,going to home and away games,paying out thousands of pounds a year only to get mucked about so people can watch at home in the warm and dry.


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