We Meet Again – BIAS meets with Jon Varney (CEO Brentford Football Club)

BIAS recently met with Jon Varney, CEO Brentford Football Club, as part of our regular structured dialogue meetings with the Club.

The recent meeting covered four main areas:

  1. An update on Season Ticket renewals including supporters wishing to change seats ahead of next season and the introduction of safe seating
  2. General ticketing concerns including enhancements to the ticketing system, third party ticketing sites, access to away tickets and actions to prevent away fans getting ticketing in home areas
  3. Improving the supporter experience at home games including dealing with fan behaviour issues, food and drink and transport
  4. How Club and BIAS can work more effectively together

For more detailed Minutes from the meeting, please click here

As outlined in the Club’s Supporters Charter, the Club has committed to holding at least four meetings with BIAS throughout the year covering items identified by both the Club and BIAS.

As always, the strength of BIAS’ influence is based on the number and activity of our members. If you are not a member, help add to that voice, and join TODAY at bias.org.uk/join it is now FREE and only takes a couple of minutes.


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