A Tram Stop in Hounslow

This Sunday, 6th March, celebrate the clubs original founding with a production of “A Tram Stop in Hounslow”. at the London Museum of Water and Steam.

A live ‘radio style’ satirical play capturing the events of October 1889 when Brentford Rowing Club held a rather heated meeting to discuss starting a football club. The play is written by Geoff Buckingham and performed by The Riverside Players of Sunbury.

Refreshments, alcoholic beverages, limited free parking will be available along with a rare collection of early photos of the club and the town.

A few relatives of the early club members also hope to be in attendance, including the Great-grandson of the very first Brentford FC Vice Captain.

There are performances at 17:30 and 19:30, tickets can be purchased here.

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