We now have 12 games left of our first ever season in the Premier League (6 home games and 6 away games) – How quickly time flies when you are having fun?

This season we have already seen many memorable matches. Home games against Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea will live in the mind for a long time. The atmosphere at these home games was electric. Away wins at West Ham and Wolves and a draw against Aston Villa also stick in the mind.

Although results have not gone the way we would have liked in recent weeks, we have faced strong opposition in the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal away and Manchester United and Wolves at home, all top Premier League teams.

Results in our next 12 games will be critical in the Club’s bid to stay in the Premier League – they will be like 12 Cup Finals.

We know that Thomas and the team are giving everything for the Club, let’s do the same. Whether we are winning, drawing or losing, BIAS is calling on all supporters to get behind the team in these final games and make our new stadium the toughest place to play for visiting teams.

Every point will be crucial and a win and 3 points will be massive, so let’s make some noise / show our colours and SING UP FOR THE BEES

Remember, our voice is always stronger, when we are together

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