Food and Drink feedback session tonight

Following our continuous feedback on the poor quality and choice of the food and drink on offer in the Stadium, BFC and Levy (who provide the catering) are offering the opportunity to discuss this tonight.

Members of the BIAS executive committee and also some members who completed our recent survey will be meeting at the Stadium tonight. Levy have asked on this occasion to limit to numbers to 15 to allow for a focussed discussion.

We will provide a summary of the event in the next few days.

If you are not a member of BIAS, please join today to make our voice stronger

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5 thoughts on “Food and Drink feedback session tonight

  1. Thanks but I can’t make it … as a vegan a vegan cheese toastie or vegan sausage in a roll would be preferred …. or a Gregg’s vegan sausage roll at a pound (not the £3.95 on offer at the stadium!)Thanks Working class …. working class nosh …. chips always a favourite!

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  2. No problems with the food, except it’s over priced.
    Beer on the other hand is disgusting. Pride..Flat and tastes real bad. Pre poured. Yuck!! Gives the ” Four corners” a bad name.
    Guinness is way to cold, and just not right.


  3. A panel of fans and board members was convened well before the stadium was opened. We met once.
    No feedback, no follow-up, nowt. Distinct impression it was a tick box exercise


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