BIAS AGM scheduled for 17th November

The BIAS 2021 AGM will take place on Wednesday 17th November at 6:00pm.

Once again, this meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. 

All full members have been invited to join this meeting, and every member should have received an email providing further details of the meeting, including registration instructions should they wish to attend.

If you think that you are a full member of BIAS and have not received an email inviting you to attend the AGM, please contact and we will investigate and forward meeting details to you.

If you are not a member of BIAS and wish to join, please visit – it only takes a couple of minutes to join and your support will be very much appreciated. Our voice is always strongest when we are together

If you have any further queries regarding the AGM please contact


One thought on “BIAS AGM scheduled for 17th November

  1. Bias, Thank you for organising meetings of supporters with the caterers (presumably Levy UK and the club). Can you impress on Levy that supporters will not buy the current inedible products (at any price). If they continue they will lose all custom and end up making a huge loss on their contract. Could they convert to selling staples at the quality that supporters are used to buying – eg Balty Pies with lots of meat content. For the moment I will limit my North Stand purchases to the excellent Samosas Direct, whose product for £6 is excellent product at a fair price. Would complement Levy UK for their staff service.


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