We firmly believe that we are stronger together, the more members we represent the less likely the Club will be able to ignore our ideas and concerns.

At the start of this year we set ourself a target of increasing the BIAS membership by 200 new members. During 2021 we have seen our membership increase by 160 new members so we are currently 40 short of our target.

The strength of BIAS’ influence is based on the number and activity of our members, so please spare a few minutes and help us achieve our membership target

If you are a member of the BIAS Facebook Group please remember this does not automatically enroll you as a full member of BIAS – to do this, you will also need to visit to add your contact details.

Also if you are not sure if you are a member of BIAS please also visit our website and insert your contact details and we will confirm your membership. We are aware many supporters do get confused between membership of BIAS or Bees United so it’s best to make sure. This only takes a few minutes and full membership is FREE

There are now over 1200 Full members of BIAS.  Just imagine if every member encouraged a colleague, friend or family member who supports Brentford Football Club to join BIAS, how much more we could achieve on your behalf.

Thank You


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