Boat Capacity Issues – Please Read

We have been informed by our boat provider that they are now unable to take the full amount of people, 195, on the boat that had previously been communicated. 

Due to low tides, we have now been told that they are only able to take 150 people.  We tried to source a 2nd boat but this was not possible at this late stage.

Thank you for all those people who have contacted us about giving up your ticket. If you no longer wish to travel or wish to give up your ticket or some of your tickets we are are looking for a few more volunteers to help us bring the capacity down. 

If we are still over capacity at 6pm today (Friday) then we will have to issue automatic refunds to those who ordered last, but we want to avoid that as much as possible. We are deeply sorry for having to do this and we thank you for your understanding, we will look to reward those who have given up their place with priority on our next boat and a discount.

You can request a refund by going to and selecting “BIAS Bees Boat to West Ham”, then Request a Refund.   Alternatively please email with your order number.

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