Brentford represented at WorldNET 2021

Brentford will be represented at this year’s WorldNET tournament

WorldNET, which has been running for more than 20 years, is a tournament for supporters’ teams from all over the UK.
Brentford Veterans team (nine of the players need to be aged 35+) are pictured below the last time the tournament took place in 2019. Long term BIAS committee member Phil ‘Supes’ Marchant (bottom right) will be part of the squad once again.

The tournament will be taking place at the grounds of Nottingham University over the weekend of 17 and 18 July.
The first day will see a series of group games, each game lasting 30 minutes. Brentford Vets will be grouped with Livingston, Watford and Portsmouth.

On the second day the tournament will go to knockout.

The Brentford Vets team this year will be sporting new shirts and would like to express thanks for the support from Sally Stephens Brentford FC’s Fan and Community Relations Director and local embroidery service OneStitchBeyond.

Brentford Vets Team photo

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