Project Big Picture – A BIAS View

This weekend it was reported that clubs at the top of the Premier League had been planning, in secret, to pursue a wide-ranging restructure of the English footballing pyramid named “Project Big Picture”.

Whilst we recognise that within these proposals there are individual ideas of merit, we believe that the overall package presented through the media would be a disaster for the game in the long term.

We share the concerns of theFootball Supporters Association (FSA), regarding a number of the proposals outlined, in particular the proposal that would grant special status to the nine longest serving clubs in the Premiership, and the vote of only six of those “long-term shareholders” required to make major changes to our game, including amending rules and regulations, agreeing contracts, and a wide-ranging veto including club ownership.

Whilst we acknowledge there is an urgent requirement to support many football clubs who are financially vulnerable at this time due to the Coronavirus pandemic we feel this will have far reaching consequences for the whole of domestic football.

Although we understand that today the project has been rejected by the EPL, it is important to remember that these proposals were real and could’ve been implemented. Thus, destroying the integrity of the pyramid.

We welcome the government’s commitment to a ‘fan-led review of the governance of football, but this is now long overdue and this weekend’s revelations have made that process even more relevant and urgent.

As an affiliate member of the FSA we will continue to push for this review and do whatever we can to protect the English footballing pyramid.

To do this we need your support – If you are not a member of BIAS, please join today and help us protect the game we all love. Our voice is always stronger, when we are together.

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