Watching the remaining Brentford matches

All brentford supporters who have requested iFollow passes should have received an email from the Club on Thursday (18th June) providing their exclusive promotion code for all of our remaining matches (including those being broadcast by Sky).

This email includes links to iFollow to help fans get started, and a ‘How To Use Guide’ for anyone not familiar with this service. If you have not used iFollow before, we recommend that you follow the instructions contained in the email and test the service to ensure that you can access everything properly before our matches start later today. 

Over recent weeks BIAS has been in contact with the Club to clarify a number of issues regarding the Club’s plans for the rest of the season and how this will work in practice.

We are pleased that the Club have now produced a useful set of Q&A’s that will hopefully clarify the position regarding the iFollow service, refunds and match ticket purchases. These can be found here:,11R40,2L90GZ,404OU,1#accordion_june_2020

However if you still have a question regarding the rest of the season, please contact the Club at

BIAS continues to work during these difficult times to improve the experience and pleasure of the match day event for our fans – Please join us TODAY – Membership is FREE, just visit – It only takes a couple of minutes and your support will be very much appreciated.