Summary of BIAS meeting with Jon Varney

We at BIAS wanted to provide a quick update to our members as we still remain in contact with the club through these unprecedented times. BIAS had a scheduled meeting with Jon Varney a few days after the clubs open letter to the fans, which can be found here:…/an-open-letter-from-jon-varn…/

Given the current situation, the meeting was heavily focused on the impact of Coronavirus. We covered a range of topics but we would encourage you to read the open letter, if you haven’t already, as this does best explain the current situation.

Jon Varney said the club was planning on completing the season as per normal and giving Griffin Park the send off she deserves, but if any different scenario were to occur then they will involve BIAS in conversations.

BIAS just also wanted to inform people who now may be struggling to make payments for their season ticket to contact the reservation centre.

Whilst football has unfortunately taken a back seat, everyone at BIAS wishes every member, fan of Brentford and everyone connected with the club the very best of health to you and your families during these times.

Please stay safe.