Luton Town Away

Following a joint approach by the Griffin Park Grapevine (GPG), Beesotted and BIAS, we are pleased to report that the Club revised how tickets for our game against Luton Town on the 25th February were sold.

With the number of tickets for this game restricted, we brought to the attention of the Club that the original proposal to allocate two tickets per person irrespective of Ticket Access Points (TAP’s) accumulated was unfair, and could cause distress to many fans who have a large number of TAP’s who may not be able to purchase tickets under this proposal. The Club agreed, and announced last week that they would sell these tickets on the basis of one per person prioritised by the number of TAP points held. As expected tickets for this match have now sold out.

We are delighted that the Club have listened to the fans and changed their plans in this regard, making this much fairer for fans who regularly support our Club home and away. BIAS will continue to work with the Club and other supporter groups to ensure ticket allocation going forward is always fair and transparent for our fans.

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