Summary of BIAS Executive Committee Meeting held on 13th January 2020, and forthcoming meeting with Jon Varney

BIAS Executive Committee discussions focused on the sale of season tickets for the new stadium that commenced earlier this month.

Over recent months we have been speaking with the Club to ensure that the process for purchasing new Season Tickets for the new stadium is clear, transparent and fair for all our supporters. These discussions have prompted a number of ideas to improve the sales process and communication to season ticket holders. We are pleased that the Club have taken on board a number of our suggestions and we are delighted to learn that supporters who have already attended the Reservation Centre to purchase their season tickets have had a positive experience. We will continue to work with the Club to ensure this continues.

Please note that all season ticket holders should have received an email or phone call from the Club by now, to confirm which month they are eligible to purchase their season tickets – If you have not had contact with the Club you will need to call the Reservation Centre on 0203 750 9705.

We are planning to meet Jon Varney (CEO of Brentford Football Club) on the 3rd February to review the season ticket sales process to see if further improvements can be made, and to better understand the next steps in our transition to Lionel Road.

If any of our members wish to ask anything specific, please let us know by leaving a comment on our Website (under the Contact Us page) and we will do our best to raise at the meeting – sensible questions only please. We will provide a further update from this meeting shortly afterwards.

Our Committee meeting also discussed the feasibility of running a boat to our match v Fulham on the 14th March but challenges with potential date/time changes for possible TV coverage and tidal restrictions may make this difficult to organise. This will be explored further ahead of our next meeting.

We now have over 750 members, and whilst our membership continues to grow, we always welcome and need more members to strengthen our voice with the Club – the more full members we represent, the more influence we have.

So if you are not a member of BIAS, please visit our website and join TODAY.