BIAS attends Focus Group on Heritage / Farewell Griffin Park / New Stadium Events

On the 3rd December BIAS attended a Focus Group run by Brentford Football Club covering the following topics; Heritage, Farewell Griffin Park and New Stadium Events.

The Club was represented by Sally Stephens, David Hayes and Jess Morris, and roughly 20 supporters were in attendance.

The following is a summary of the discussions held at this meeting.


• A BFC history group has been set up and an inventory of BFC memorabilia assets has been completed – the group is looking for further items if they add value to the collection

• Progress is ongoing for an exhibition of memorabilia at the London Museum of Water & Steam

• A memorial at Griffin Park post redevelopment is under discussion with EcoWorld

• Programmes are being scanned so that they will be available digitally

• A 3D model of GP has been created

• Names of fans from existing fan bricks will be honoured at the new stadium in some way

• A Hall of Fame discussion is underway with Chris Wickham and Peter Gilham

• Progress is underway to gather key moments at Griffin Park and prepare footage

• Discussions are underway for a special programme for the final match

• The Club are planning a special Player of the Year awards on 3rd May – venue TBC

• An inventory has been prepared for a possible auction of Griffin Park items

• Discussions are underway about what we could take from Griffin Park to Lionel Road, with maybe a symbolic walk between the 2 stadiums – an idea for this would be to create a ‘Brentford Bell’ to be carried on the walk but the Club is still open to discussions on this

• The Club intend to hold a memorial service for those who have had their ashes scattered on Griffin Park

• The Club is hoping to preserve the Griffin Park centre spot

Farewell Griffin Park

• To date the Club have instilled Farewell Griffin Park into branding, special merchandise, gifts for supporters, the half-time countdown, matchday programmes, retro & commemorative shirts, plus there are Griffin Park sketches available in the Club shop.

• Club legends will play an active role in Farewell events, as well as the new stadium opening

• The Club‘s plans for the final match (designated as the Barnsley match – we could have a play-off match but this may not be known until after the Barnsley match) are still evolving, for instance with regard to pre-match and post-match entertainment

• The closing time of Griffin Park may well be extended even after the post-match activities

• The idea of having a symbolic switching off of the floodlights was mentioned

New Stadium Events

• The official opening match after the test events is likely to be mid-July

• The Club are looking to confirm opposition for this match

• The test events will hopefully be consolidated from 3 into 2

• The first may be a familiarisation event ‘open day’

• The second will be a match needing up to 15,000, and there were various ideas floated as to how to achieve that figure

• Music is seen as important to the (official) opening match – a top of the range sound system for the stadium was confirmed

• The Club are working on the whole matchday experience at the new stadium, including pre and post-match pricing offers for food & drink

Further updates will be provided in due course.

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