Summary of BIAS Executive Committee held 2nd December 2019 (including update on Season Ticket sales process)

As we move ever closer to our new stadium, the committee’s priority remains to ensure that the process for purchasing new Season Tickets for the new stadium is clear, transparent and fair for all our supporters. This was the focus of this meeting.

With the first tranche of season ticket sales commencing in January, we have recently met with the Club to walk through the proposed sales process ahead of launch. The meeting was positive with the Club promising to take on board our suggested improvements but with time running out only limited changes will be possible.

Following discussions with BIAS, the Club also held another Focus Group on Ticketing, Transport and Locations & Atmosphere. This was held on 12th December. Again those attending (including BIAS) were given a walkthrough of the sales process. This was a good opportunity for the Club to test the sales process before a wider audience. Again the Club promised to take on board suggested improvements raised at the meeting.

We understand that all Season Ticket Holders will receive an email, a confirmatory text, and letters and a detailed brochure in the post explaining the season ticket sales process in detail so watch out for this.

As you can see, BIAS are working closely with the Club to ensure the season ticket process is robust, but our influence is limited due to the number of members we have.

We have set ourselves an ambitious target to have 1000 Full Members by the start of next season. We currently have 715 and whilst our membership is continues to slowly grow, we urgently need more people to join so that we have a stronger voice with the Club – the more full members we represent, the less likely the Club will be able to ignore our ideas or concerns.

So if you are not a member of BIAS or are not sure, please visit our website and join TODAY