Summary of BIAS Executive Committee held 2nd September 2019

BIAS Executive Committee discussed and agreed the following key points:

BIAS Membership

  • Membership has now risen to 699 Full Members.
  • This includes 19 members who are making donations but we do not have email contact details. Letters forwarded to the postal addresses held on file have not been replied to. Work will continue to make contact with these members

Boat Trip to Charlton

  • Boat trip sold out and considered great success
  • Committee will look to use any profit to support fans traveling to an away match possibly Blackburn – an update will be provided in due course
  • Committee will also investigate if there is interest for a boat to Millwall on 29th December

BIAS Posters

  • New BIAS posters have now been installed around Griffin Park replacing out of date posters

EFL Away Fan Supporter Survey

  • Only 25 supporters completed survey and with move to new stadium on schedule for next season, committee agreed to share survey with club for information purposes only

BIAS Newsletter

  • Autumn Newsletter has been sent to BIAS Membership

BIAS website

  •  Updates to the website continue and are now almost compete
  • Review of Regional & International Coordinators also nearly complete and website will be updated accordingly

Football Supporters Association (FSA) Network Meeting to be held on 19th September. BIAS will be attending this meeting and will be looking for updates on:

  • Progress on reciprocal away ticket pricing – BIAS has agreement from Brentford to consider this for Season 20/21 but we need to understand what other supporter groups/championship clubs are doing in this regard before further engagement with the club.
  • Progress on Flexible Train tickets where games are cancelled at short notice for TV coverage
  • Progress on Safe Seating legislation
  • An update will be given to members following meeting

Fit and Proper Ownership of Football Clubs

  • Committee will contact Bees United to understand what is in place to prevent a situation similar to seen at Bolton and Bury
  • Update will be provided to members in due course

New Stadium Focus Groups

  • BIAS agreed to contact the Club to understand next stage of fan consultation for the new stadium as last Focus Groups were held during the first quarter of this year

BIAS AGM to be held on 2nd November

  • Date has now been agreed and official notice of meeting will be provided to members before 4th October.

Full minutes will be posted in due course on the BIAS website.

The next executive committee meeting will be on Wednesday 16th October due to holiday commitments

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