Summary of BIAS Executive Meeting held 23rd July

BIAS Executive Committee discussed and agreed the following key points:

• Boat trip to Charlton – very good response from supporters, now sold out (170 Bees supporters on board)

• BIAS Membership:

  • Work in tidying up the BIAS membership database continues with now only 26 members (reduced from 37) held on our database without email contact details and have not responded to letters sent. Work will continue to make contact with these members.
  • Nearly 100 new members have joined BIAS since the beginning of January 2019.

• New BIAS posters have now been will been installed at Griffin Park for start of the new season.

• BIAS will be attending the Brentford Fun Day on 28th July to support this event and hopefully attract more members

• Contact has been made with the club to explore reciprocal away day pricing

• Next Quarterly Newsletter will be produced during August

• Date for the BIAS Annual General Meeting provisionally set for 23rd November, to be confirmed at next meeting

• Next Meeting will be held on the 2nd September