Summary of BIAS Executive Committee held 7th March 2019

BIAS Executive Committee discussed and agreed the following key points:

BIAS Membership

o Work in tidying up the BIAS membership database is now almost complete. This follows emails and letters sent to the membership in January and responses received. Target date to complete: 1st April (date of next Executive Committee).

o 64 new members have joined BIAS since the beginning of January 2019

o Agreement reached to provide a quarterly update to membership commencing April 2019

o New BIAS posters will be produced to replace out of date posters around Griffin Park during April

BIAS website

o Due to complexity of the website there are still further changes required to bring this up to date. A new test bed is being created to help make changes to the website much easier. Target date to complete is now 1st April 2019. 

New Stadium Focus Groups

o BIAS has attended 6 Focus Groups since the last meeting and all have been positive with the Club receptive to feedback received. Output from these meetings can be found at or the Club’s official website.

o Two further Focus Groups (Farewell Griffin Park and Family Area) are scheduled for March which will complete the first round of these meetings.

o BIAS will work with the Club to ensure points raised at these meetings are progressed and following up meetings are in place to maintain momentum in ensuring that the new stadium meets the needs of all supporters.

Brentford FC Drone

o It would appear that there is no longer a need for this to be operated on a commercial basis negating the need for the requested additional funding. As a result the executive committee agreed that no further action is required in this regard.

Merchandising Opportunity

o BIAS has been approached to provide funding for models of Griffin Park, puzzles and posters as part of a farewell to Griffin Park. The executive committee are happy for BIAS to provide input into the design for these items through our membership but only in support of the Club and on the basis that they become official merchandising. BIAS as an organisation is not interested in funding or supporting any type of commercial venture independently.

Multi-colour seating at Lionel Road

o Proposal for multi-coloured seats at the new Lionel Road stadium has been opposed by BIAS for some time (as part of last year’s fans Consultation Groups and recent Focus Groups). This decision has been made by the Club for TV coverage to ensure that the stadium appears full. Whilst the Club have conceded and provided more red seats than previously planned, BIAS are continuing to work with Beesotted and The Griffin Park Grapevine to see whether further concessions will be made by the Club.

Safe Standing

o We understand that a decision on safe standing will be delayed until after the court hearing on the Hillsborough tragedy has completed. BIAS will continue monitor progress and advise our membership on any developments.

Bees United

o A new Chairman of Bees United has been appointed – Stewart Purvis. Meeting will be arranged this month to discuss relationship between BIAS and Bees United going forward.

Full minutes will be posted in due course on the BIAS website.

The next executive committee meeting will be on Monday 1st April.