Feedback from the New Stadium Transport Focus Group

The Transport Focus Group held on 25th February saw a good discussion about how both home and away fans can travel to and from the new stadium.

As part of their successful planning application for the new stadium, representatives from the Club spoke of their commitment to try and reduce carbon emissions in the Kew Bridge area. As a consequence, the Club have been focussing their attention on how best they can achieve this.

Whilst the new stadium is still a long way off, it is positive that the Club are thinking about this now and are already in dialogue with various companies to this effect.

With the location of the new ground residing next to Kew Bridge railway station, the club have identified that this will be a key landing point for many fans and have been working closely with South Western Railway to try and upgrade the station to improve accessibility for supporters ahead of the 20/21 season.

To date the Club have received a positive reaction, but have not received any commitment to undertake the necessary work. Discussions continue and consideration is now being given to how further pressure can be applied through Network Rail and local MP’s, however the Club are keen to ensure that this is through a co-ordinated approach. BIAS are ready to support if required.

Discussions are also under way with South Western Railway to try and ensure that 10 carriage trains will be available on match days to speed access and departure from Kew Bridge station. Reliability and frequency of service including the currently infrequent Sunday service for Sunday matches, are also being discussed but we are still a long way from the start of the 20/21 season so these discussions will be ongoing for some time.

Facilities will be open after the game for Home fans at Lionel Road to help ease the rush when people leave.

Again, discussions with TFL are taking place regarding possible upgrades to Gunnersbury and Kew Gardens stations as neither have disabled accessible platforms.

The Club want to encourage the use of existing public transport routes rather than adding new ones. As a result the Club will be looking at frequency of buses passing the new stadium e.g. 65,237,267 on match days and to see whether any of these buses can become more frequent particularly after the game to move people away from the ground as quickly as possible to ease congestion.

There will be up to 340 cycle spaces at the new ground which will be under lighting and monitored by CCTV. Presently 3 sites around the new stadium have been identified. TFL also have plans to change Kew Junction (north side of Kew Bridge) and introduce a segregated cycle lane from Hammersmith to Brentford which should be completed before the new stadium opening.

Drop off points for taxi’s will be available near the ground but exact drop off points will depend on arrival at the stadium as nearer to kick off some roads will be closed. Details of exact drop off points and timings will be communication nearer the time of the stadium opening.

By Foot
The Club are expecting a lot of people to walk from Brentford and surrounding areas to the new stadium so the Club will be speaking to local councils regarding clear signage for the new stadium.

Drop kerbs will be close to the ground to allow different levels of accessibility.

The Club recognises that there will be a lot of people who need to drive to the game and are looking at parking alternatives with possible park and ride schemes in place. Contact has been made with a number of businesses on the A4 and these discussions will continue. It is hoped that existing parking arrangements for matches at Griffin Park can continue with perhaps a shuttle service provided. These options are being considered and will be finalised ahead of when season tickets for the new stadium go on sale in September.

Parking at the new stadium will be limited. There will be a total of 12 Blue Badge parking spaces for both home and away fans (9 spaces for home fans, 3 for away fans). These will be allocated fairly, not just on a first come first served basis. Details of how this will work in practice will again be communicated by the Club in due course.

Options for potential car share will also be considered.

River Boat
Not seen as viable due to the tidal nature of the Thames at Kew.

This was a good discussion with the Club needing to undertake some more work on understanding how fans will travel to the new stadium to ensure any solution provided is fit for purpose and commercially viable. This is likely to be through a match day experience survey.

The Club also recognise that they need to communicate very clearly to supporters on how best to travel to the new stadium.

Next meeting will take place during May and further updates will be provided at that time.