Feedback from Diversity and Inclusion Focus Group

The Diversity and Inclusion Focus Group saw a good discussion about current and future ways the club can improve work in this area.
Representatives from the club spoke of the desire to be best in class in terms of inclusion and diversity in football, and the steps that are being taken to do this, including some upcoming events and staffing changes. The focus group agreed that this ambition needs to be better communicated to fans, including better signage making it clear what behaviours are acceptable etc, as seen in other clubs.
In terms of the stadium itself, the group welcomed the better facilities in the new ground to help people with mobility issues and the inclusion of a sensory room and added the need for a quiet room where people can get to easily during the match if they need to.
We also noted that helping fans with disabilities come to a game starts well beyond the footprint of the ground and asked what extra help and pressure the club can put on transport providers to improve this at Kew Station and Gunnersbury in particular. We were pleased that the Club is already lobbying hard on these issues.
The group gave many suggestions that could be implemented well ahead of the new stadium, such as improving information on purchasing tickets, the match day experience for fans with disabilities and making some information available in different languages.
We talked about the need for better quality of information generally on what is available at Griffin Park and will be available (and crucially where) at Lionel Road. We also reiterated the importance of accessibility for fans with disabilities in all parts of the ground, and was reassured on this.
The group wanted to see the fanbase better reflect the local population and were pleased about some recent work by the Club to improve this.
It was a good discussion and we look forward to seeing the Club’s proposals.

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