A unique opportunity to provide feedback ……

BRENTFORD Football Club and the EFL are inviting fans to take part in its 2019 Supporters Survey. 

In what is the most wide-reaching survey of its kind carried out since 2010, fans have a unique opportunity to give feedback on a range of matters relating to their club, the EFL and its competitions.

From the re-brand of the League itself in 2016 and a new format for the EFL Trophy, to the introduction of Goal Line Technology and VAR, a large number of changes have impacted on the football industry in the current decade, and the 2019 survey will gather feedback from supporters across a wide range of topics.

The survey will also allow clubs to get substantial and valuable feedback from their supporters on various aspects of the matchday experience, making this an excellent opportunity for fans to have their say on such things as match atmosphere, ticket purchase, travel and how they keep in touch with the latest Club news.

Your thoughts will greatly assist both your Club and the EFL, and we would appreciate it if you could spare a short time to complete the survey. In doing so, you will have the chance to enter a prize draw.

For more details, simply visit the Brentford Football Club website:  https://www.brentfordfc.com/news/2019/february/efl-survey-feb-2019/

Remember, Brentford Football Club is YOUR club

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