Feedback from ticketing focus group

On Thursday 10th January, BIAS attended the second Focus Group for the new stadium at Lionel Road. This meeting focused on ticket sales for the new stadium for general admission (excluding premium or ‘posh’ seating).

BIAS are pleased to report that with the larger capacity at Lionel Road and current attendance levels at Griffin Park, the Club have a high level of confidence that Season Ticket holders will be spoilt for choice when looking to secure their preferred seats at the new ground for the 20/21 season. However, to ensure the best possible choice of seating at the new stadium, supporters are urged to buy/renew their season tickets for the 19/20 season when they become available.

If supporters cannot make it to every home game and do not wish to purchase a Season Ticket, they should also apply or renew their Adult Membership for the 19/20 season to gain priority access to tickets at the new stadium.

In November the Club announced the following high-level ticketing timetable:

  • May 2019
  • Season Ticket prices and allocations for the 2020/21 campaign announced, initial Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) also released
  • June 2019
  • Online ‘View from Seat’ technology launched for the New Stadium
  • August 2019
  • Priority access seat booking windows communicated to fans
  • September 2019
  • Seat bookings open for the first group of 2020/21 Season Ticket Holders
  • Estimated January 2020
  • Seat bookings open to Club Members
  • Estimated March 2020
  • Seat bookings open for previous purchasers of match tickets

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Supporters will only need to secure a small deposit to hold their seat for the New Stadium, this alleviates the concerns of supporters needing to purchase another season ticket, only a few months after purchasing their 2019/20 ticket for the final year at Griffin Park.

The Club are very much aware of the concern some supporters have in moving to the new stadium and will do everything possible to ensure that the move from Griffin Park goes as smoothly as possible. They are currently working on:

  • Finalising the seating plan for Lionel Road – expected to be completed by end of March 2019
  • Improvements to the current ticketing system and providing the opportunity for the Focus Group to ‘road test’ new features ahead of launch for the new stadium seat bookings
  • Producing ‘Customer Journey’s for purchasing match tickets e.g. season tickets, advance tickets or match day purchases, to fully understand supporter experience
  • Providing descriptions for each stand at Lionel Road to help supporters decide where best to sit e.g. The West Stand will be the ‘new Ealing Road’, with rail seating to provide safe standing when approved. This will also be the ‘noisy’ stand. Away fans (maximum 2500) will sit in the north east corner of the stand.
  • Providing the opportunity for the Focus Group to test the ‘View from Seat’ technology’
  • Agreeing how purchasing Season Tickets at the new stadium will be prioritised and how this will be communicated
  • Finalising process for seat bookings whether through ticketing system (how many tickets can be bought online vs how many may require a visit to the reservation centre, either 4+ or 8+ etc)
  • Exploring the possibility of Season Ticket Holders being able to purchase additional tickets for friends and family to ensure that groups can remain together.
  • The process for bringing friends and family for ad hoc games
  • Process for changing seats if you decide you do not like your first choice
  • Exploring opportunities for paperless ticketing
  • Seeking support from the Focus Group in compiling FAQ’s
  • Producing a detailed timeline, communication and testing plan to enhance supporter confidence

The next meeting is scheduled for April 2019 (specific date to be advised by the Club)

This was a positive and constructive meeting, getting ticketing right and allowing for a smooth transition is one of the most important parts of the move from Griffin Park. The Club are therefore keen to ensure that they fully understand all aspects of the ticketing process before formally communicating further with supporters. BIAS fully supports this stance.

The Club would also like our help in transitioning from Griffin Park to Lionel Road to ensure we all enjoy the match day experience at the new stadium. BIAS will continue to work with the Club in this regard and will provide regular updates but you can help by:

  • Thinking now about who you would like to sit with at the new stadium ahead of further communication from the Club e.g. obtain name and season ticket numbers of people you would like to sit with at the new stadium and connect as friends and family through your Ticketing Account
  • If you have experienced any problems with the ticketing system or have any questions regarding the ticketing process, please email: and we will pass onto the Club for comment

If you want to keep track of progress at the new stadium please visit:

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