Notes from BIAS Executive Committee Meeting (07/01/19)

BIAS Executive Committee Meeting held on 7th January discussed and agreed the following key points:

  • Confirmed that communications to be sent to membership, and website updated to reflect that that membership to BIAS is now free
  • The need to review current membership details to ensure contact details are held for all members – update to be provided at next meeting 
  • Reviewed and agreed changes required to BIAS website to bring this up to date by the end of January
  • BIAS attendance at the Brentford FC Focus Groups for new stadium to be held in January (Food & Beverage & Ticketing) and key concerns. Some feedback has been received via Tweets from membership – updates to be provided to membership following meetings via website and Facebook
  • Ways of working with the Club and other Brentford fan interest groups (Besotted etc)
  • Priorities for Q1 2019 – support Brentford FC Focus Groups in a constructive manner – ensuring members represented and following up with club on how it will put fans’ views into action, ensure membership contact details are updated and ensure website is up to date and relevant, continue Club engagement and meet with permanent CEO once appointed.

Full minutes will be posted in due course. The next Executive meeting is scheduled for the 4th February 2019, all members are welcome.