Feedback from Food and Drink focus group

BIAS attended the first New Stadium Focus Group at Griffin Park (chaired by Cliff Crown) on 8th January 2019 to discuss the proposed Food and Beverage offering for the GA (General Audience)[ attending the new Lionel Road stadium.

The meeting was positive and BIAS hopes that this sets a good precedent for the upcoming Focus Group meetings on other subjects to be held over the coming weeks.

Here are some of the key points discussed on Food and Beverages:

  • The club are looking to improve the quality and choice of food and beverage at the new stadium compared to what is on offer at Griffin Park. They are also keen to ensure that the match day experience is affordable for the average supporter.
  • Cliff Crown emphasised that no decisions have been made at this stage, so everything is still to be determined. The club are currently preparing separate tenders for food, and beverages, expected to be finalised by May 2019.
  • Subject to commercial viability, the club will be looking to provide both a wider choice and improved quality of food than at Griffin Park, including premium foods (e.g. bespoke pies) and healthy, vegetarian/vegan and gluten free options. There will be a core food offering to meet the needs of most supporters, with other food options available, which could change each match.
  • Better choices of beverages (hot and cold) were also discussed.
  • Speed of service, particularly at half time could be a potential issue. To mitigate, there will be a number of kiosks within each stand. Some will allow both food and drink (hot and cold) to be purchased in a single transaction. Opportunities for cash only (both younger and more senior supporters) and Card (contactless) payments will be explored fully, to reduce queuing and improve speed of service.
  • Option for loyalty /top up cards to be used for food and beverage purchases discussed and will be explored further by the club.
  • Help for disabled supporters, particularly at half time, will be investigated.
  • Single use of plastic and managing waste also discussed and club will look at options in this regard.
  • New stadium will open at 12:00 and close at 20:00 for 15:00 matchdays. There may be food and beverage outlets in the piazza outside the ground but this cannot be confirmed at this stage.
  • Next meeting will be held towards the end of April, ahead of the completion of the tender process and appointment of suppliers for both food and beverage offering.

BIAS reiterates that this was a positive and constructive meeting, with the club very keen to receive feedback and comments to help ensure the matchday experience at Lionel Road is great for everyone (both home and away fans). However, the commercial reality is that they cannot promise to implement every idea or suggestion made.

We will provide further updates following the next meeting. In the meantime if you have any comments, suggestions in this regard, please email and we will pass your comments on to the club for consideration.

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