New Stadium Focus Group dates

Over the last few days the club have been communicating with people who have been chosen for the various focus groups for the New Stadium. As previously announced BIAS will have two committee members at each focus group, this will enable all fans to be able to participate.

We will provide a report and feedback after each meeting and keep.

Please email us at so we can collate all the feedback and get them to the club in good time ahead of the groups.

The dates that we have been informed of are

Proposed DateName
8th January 2019Food and Beverages
10th January 2019Ticketing
18th February 2019Heritage and Legacy
19th February 2019Inclusion and Diversity
25th February 2019Transport
27th February 2019Locations and Atmosphere
4th March 2019Technology
6th March 2019New Stadium Events
11th March 2019Farewell to Griffin Park
13th March 2019Family Area