Motions for resolution at the AGM

The following motions have been proposed for resolution at the AGM this Saturday 24th November:

Motion 1: To remove the current membership fee of £12 per year and make membership free of charge.  

To reflect the changing needs of the organisation and the way that supporters associations work, we propose that from the next renewals, membership of BIAS will be free of charge.

This change will mean that existing members may cancel their payment arrangements with immediate effect, although we are unable to give refunds.

BIAS will remain open to donations, and any un-cancelled payments will be received and assumed as donations and will go towards the running of the organisation in the normal way.

We believe this change will help us raise the membership to a level more reflective of the increased supporter base of the club, including increasing the broadness of the membership’s demographic in line with our aim to represent the needs of all Brentford fans as far as possible.

BIAS would like to put on record our thanks to those who have been paying members, and our special thanks to those who will continue to donate. We have achieved so much over the years with your support, and hope to continue to do so.

Proposed by Gemma Teale, seconded by David Minkley.

Motion 2: To make the following amendments to the constitution:

Section 2 Objects

It is proposed to make some changes to the constitution:  Sections 2.1 to 2.7 of the current constitution will be replaced with the following:
2.1 To be an independent voice for the supporters of Brentford Football Club
2.2 To promote the constructive involvement of supporters in the running and direction of Brentford Football Club through increasing membership to the Association
2.3 To represent and campaign on issues raised by supporters, the AGM or the Executive Committee
2.4 To establish and maintain open and honest channels of communication with supporters and Brentford Football club that fosters a relationship of accountability and positivity
2.5 To provide supporters views on issues impacting Brentford Football Club to relevant football bodies and government departments when required
Section 3 Membership
Two new points will be added to section 4.
4.5 All members are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)  or any  Special General Meeting (SGM)
4.6 Members personal details will be securely stored in documentary and /or electronic form and will not be passed to a third party outside of the Executive Committee without the members written consent unless there is a legal requirement for the Association to do so.
Proposed by David Minkley, seconded by Adam Hobbs

Motion 3: To adopt the following Equality Charter as part of our constitution:

We adhere to the following equality, inclusion and anti-discrimination guidelines. We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all involved by applying equality, diversity and inclusion in our day-to-day operations. We will promote awareness of the benefits of equality, inclusion and diversity with a clear understanding that football belongs to everyone

In our activities we will not discriminate or treat anyone less favourably on the grounds of age, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status, race or nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion/belief or disability. We will not tolerate harassment, bullying, abuse or victimisation of any kind and will assure the appropriate reporting procedures are actioned if any of the mentioned does occur under our supervision. We are committed to taking action against discrimination.

As part of our commitment to the eradication of discrimination in football and the
promotion of equality, inclusion and diversity, we are fully supportive of the work of
organisations such as Kick It Out and The Football Supporters’ Federation.

We as fans stand together as one so that everyone can feel welcome and enjoy the beautiful game.

Proposed by David Minkley and seconded by Adam Hobbs