The BIAS AGM for 2017 is being held on Saturday 4th of November. Whilst members of BIAS are always invited to attend monthly Committee meetings, the AGM offers a particular opportunity for members to understand what BIAS has been focusing on for the past year, as well as learn more about how they can get involved and help represent fans interests to the club.

This year, we have campaigned on a number of issues, including stewarding, ticket prices, concessions and access, and in collaboration with LGBeeTs have supported the club’s Inclusion Working Group in improving the way Brentford FC makes sure all Bees fans are able to attend games and support the club in a safe, accessible and welcoming environment.

We were active in our response to the proposed modifications to the Lionel Road Stadium plans, which we have strongly argued must put the needs of fans, and the long term sustainability of the club first. We organised the stadium fans forum in partnership with BU, Beesotted and the GPG and asked questions from the fan base there, with the club agreeing publicly to involve fans in future decisions on the stadium move as a result. We are continuing to work to make sure fans get as much as a say as possible, including in pushing for a well-sized safe standing section at Lionel Road.

BIAS have continued to engage with broader football fan issues via the FSF, contacting the club on issues like away ticket pricing, and encouraging them to engage in reciprocal pricing deals which make it more affordable for our brilliant away support to travel.

Through the FSF we have input to meetings with the FA and EFL and we can get ideas and support from fans of other clubs who have faced similar issues, such as Brighton fans who recently dealt with the introduction of premium seating areas in their stadium. We also are active in sub-groups such as the FSF Safe Standing focus group, working to help make standing at high-level football be a reality in the future.

Do you have ideas for other things we should be doing? Or think we could do more? Come to one of our regular meetings and share your ideas – or better still join the committee and help us shape and drive the campaigns we focus on going forward!