Lionel Road Stadium Consultation

Following on from our requests at the fans and stadium forums, the Club have selected a group of fans to consult on some of the stadium plans. This includes three members of the current BIAS committee.   We will of course attend and participate, because we think it’s important to do so and feel that any consultation with fans is positive and will help the stadium be better.

We will also will continue to push for a more structured consultation, via BIAS and/or BU which will allow us to canvas fan feelings more widely.

We expect key areas that will be covered are:

  • Matchday experience
  • Season Tickets
  • Safe standing
  • Final season at Griffin Park
  • Retail and merchandising

This is not an exhaustive list and expect other areas to be covered as well.

If you have any specific issues you would like us to raise then please get in contact via Twitter or email.