Fan representation key if shares in club to be sold – BIAS statement

BIAS has been asked to comment on recent rumours of a significant external investment being made into Brentford FC as reported in a number of national newspapers and on the Beesotted website.

We acknowledge that the current owner is a lifelong Brentford fan with an unquestionable commitment to Brentford and it is our understanding that he is not intending to dispose of the club. If a significant proportion of shares in the club were to be sold, it is fundamentally important that Brentford fans, heritage and identity are protected.

BIAS would campaign for any deal to include the guaranteed representation of fans, with a legal say in the future decisions, such as a portion of “golden” shares, board representation or similar protections be given to fans (such as joint agreement from BU and BIAS to allow certain actions to take place).

BIAS is very happy to have a Bees fan at the helm of our club, and we recognise that the owner may need to enter partnerships with the right people to improve the long term future sustainability of the club. However, we also believe that football clubs should always belong to their communities. As a result we feel there should always be an element of fan control and protection. We expect and would welcome consultation on what fan protections could be put in place as part of the structure of any deal, now or in the future.

BIAS is committed to working, with the club, towards the long term future financial sustainability of the club and its relationship with the surrounding community. Any deal should take into account the existing commitments to the new stadium, and the commitments and aspirations of the club to provide active and real community investments through the work of the Community Sports Trust.

Football without fans is nothing. Brentford is no different. And whilst we want to move forward, we will always fight to protect the heritage, identity and fans of Brentford Football Club.

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