BIAS AGM Summary

The BIAS AGM was held today (26/11/2016) at the Inverness Club. Full minutes of the meeting will follow, however the following is a summary of events:

Richard Merritt announced his decision to step down from both the Committee and Chairmanship.

The following Officers Of the Association were elected:

Adam Hobbs was nominated as Chairman with Anna Mason taking up the reigns as General Secretary. David Gathergood continues as Finance Officer.

The following Members of the Executive Committee were elected:

Lisa O’Brien, Gemma Teale, Sam Bolton, Kath Richardson and Phil Marchant all continue on the Executive Committee with Christopher Bushe, Phil Flash, Adele Peleschka and Sean Cudmore joining, Jan Smith has left the Committee. This returns the Executive Committee to the full quota of twelve people in line with the Associations constitution.

The only motion proposed was to keep the membership fee at £12 per year. This was passed without objection.